Growing Up Online

The current generation of children and teens is the first generation to spend their adolescence in the age of the smartphone and social media. The internet has been a part of daily life for most Americans since before they were born. As a result, children are “growing up online” in many ways.  If you are raising, educating, or mentoring a child or teen, you probably have questions about what this means and how it affects kids and teens.

This section of the website has information and resources about a variety of topics related to growing up online and parenting in a digital age. You can find links to websites, articles, videos, fact sheets, books, and answers to questions about:

A Balanced Relationship with Technology, including Screen Time, Mental Health, and Sleep

Online Safety, including Sexting, Pornography, and Hate Groups

How to Help Your Kids to be Good Digital Citizens 

Social Media 101

Parental Monitoring and Relationship-Building