If you are looking for trustworthy information that you can use to educate yourself, share with family members, or discuss with a young person, here are a variety of resources:

A Good Place to Start

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) has a comprehensive webpage titled Learn about e-cigarettes, vapes, and use by young people. It has information about vaping, including:
– the basics of what vaping is an how it affects young people
– information for schools
– information for parents and other adults who care about kids and teens


There are a LOT of misleading or outdated videos out there about vaping! We have minor concerns even about the ones we like best. After reviewing many videos, here are a few that we feel comfortable sharing!

Cons: Most of these videos show people trying to look cool vaping, and some have doctors using medical terms that some people may not understand or relate to.
Pros: The videos below explain the science and medical research and can be useful info for high school students, parents, educators, or other concerned adults who want to learn about the risks. 

What is an e-cigarette and how does it work? (1:53)
December, 2018 from the Center for Healthy Living at The University of Texas School of Public Health
Want a 2-minute overview? Watch this short video:

Why Vaping Is Bad For You (5:13)
September, 2019 from Science Insider
This video discusses the 2019 outbreak of vaping-related lung illnesses (with numbers from September). We like that it says that youth vaping is a concern because of additional reasons, including nicotine addiction and the effects of nicotine on the developing brain. 

Is Vaping Dangerous? From Mount Sinai Health Systems (2:46)
September, 2019 from Mount Sinai Health System (of New York City)
This video is a short interview with a pediatrician and researcher. It explains health effects quite clearly, including mentioning that second-hand aerosol/vape clouds can increase asthma symptoms among children with asthma. This starts to raise the issue of the community impact of vaping.

How a wave of mysterious illnesses sparked an e-cig crackdown. Here’s what you need to know from The Washington Post (3:19)
September, 2019 from The Washington Post
This video focuses on vaping-related illness but touches on several issues, including that 10% of middle school students (nationwide) are vaping and that illness is “building up” in the lungs of people who vape who do not currently have symptoms because the lungs evolved only to process air, not the things in the vape liquids. It also mentions that states are suing vape companies and working to address the issue in multiple ways. 

For Online Viewing or Printing

Frequently Asked Questions About Vapingfront of brochure with the words "Frequently Asked Questions about Vaping" in red alongside No-nonsense information from the MA Department of Public Health. This is the brochure we’ve been giving to parents and teachers in our community.

Talk with Your Teen About E-Cigarettes: A Tip Sheet for Parents This one is from the United States Surgeon General’s Office.

One-page fact sheet on JUUL. JUUL is the brand name of an electronic nicotine delivery system that has a huge share of the market right now, and that’s very popular with teens. (These are the ones that look like thumb drives.)

Online Articles and Other Resources

How Vaping Nicotine Can Affect A Teenage Brain
October, 2019
Article and link to a 4-minute radio story about how nicotine and the other chemicals in vaping can affect developing teenage brains.
By Jon Hamilton, from NPR

MyLifeMyQuit - Quitting Resource for Teens
A free, confidential resource that supports teens who want to stop vaping or using other nicotine products. The site also has information for parents, educators, and other adults. From MyLifeMyQuit - "By enrolling, teen participants receive:

  • Five, one-on-one coaching sessions usually scheduled every 7-10 days. Coaching helps teens develop a quit plan, identify triggers, practice refusal skills and receive ongoing support for changing behaviors.
  • Coaches available by phone, by text message or by online chat.
  • Self-help and educational materials designed for teens, with input from teens."

Don't Toss That E-Cig: Vaping Waste Is A Whole New Headache For Schools and Cities
November, 2019
Article and link to a 4-minute radio story that explains a problem starting to get more news coverage: vape products are hazardous waste and very bad for the environment.
By Jon Daley, from NPR

Vaping increases risk of chronic lung disease by 30%, according to new study
December, 2019
This USA Today article highlights the results of a recent, large study about the effects of vaping over several years. Research shows that vaping increases risk of lung diseases like emphysema, asthma and bronchitis by 30% - a lot!. The link to the journal article with the original research is also here. (We don't recommend the video at the top of the article - it's an overview of vaping that isn't great and isn't related to this specific article.)
By Jorge L. Ortiz, from USA Today

A Pinterest collection of infographics and links to articles curated by the makers of the “Catch My Breath” curriculum.

If you are an educator, student, or someone else interested in vaping curricula or vaping discipline policies for schools, we have a bunch of info on that too. We also have more links to longer articles and research if you want to dive deeper into this topic. Feel free to contact 4SC Coordinator Ilana and let her know what you are looking for!